Using storytelling both purposefully and in a way that it yields results sounds easier than it is. TheStoryConnection has over 10 years of experience in Business Storytelling. We are happy to share our broad knowledge and practical experience during our open training courses and our unique educational sessions to become a certified StoryPractitioner. That is an important part of our mission: we want to contribute to business storytelling and we want stories and storytelling to be used carefully and expertly in organizations.
Strong connection between theory and practice

We continually evaluate all our courses and training sessions. What do we hear most often? Participants especially appreciate the practical application of theory in all our courses, training sessions and workshops.  Because yes, theory is very important and it provides a solid base to how we work with stories and storytelling. But, in the end, it is all about putting theory into practice.

Tailor-made (also offered in English)

Every course and training we provide can be tailor-made into an in-company project. Feel free to contact us to explore the options:

Our training and education are mainly meant for:

  • Communication professionals
  • Agents of change
  • Project managers
  • Writers/(business) journalists
  • Independent entrepreneurs

For leaders and managers we offer special leadership days.

We are proud that our training and educational sessions were awarded with an average of 8.9 two years in a row (2016 and 2017)!

Certified education (in Dutch or tailor-made in English)

TheStoryConnection offers the only (certified) courses to become a:

  • StoryPractitioner/Change
  • Storypractitioner/Communication

If you have followed one of these 7-month programs, you can work as a competent Business Storyteller or CSO (Chief Storytelling Officer) in communication and/or change. This function, still relatively new in the Netherlands, has existed in large American companies for a long time.

Our participants highly appreciate the combination between theory and practical application.

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Open training sessions and coaching

During our open training sessions, you can get acquainted with storytelling or gain storytelling skills. The training courses range from 1 to 4 days. For communication professionals, agents of change, project managers, writers and (business) journalists, or for independent entrepreneurs.

Every training and educational session is very practical: you are taught to bring storytelling immediately into practice.

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Leadership days (also offered in English)

For leaders and managers, there are special leadership days: 1-day training sessions in which you become acquainted with the connecting power of stories in a small group of like-minded people. Together, you will discover how to use the power of stories in your work.

Or, an individual day in which the focus lies with your personal question, at a time that suits you. For example, a time when you want to inspire your employees and bring them into motion with a change story or when you have to deliver an important speech. At the end of an individual day you will go home with tangible and solid results.

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