Ever since we published the Dutch standard work Storytelling Handboek we have helped thousands of organizations and professionals achieve their goals through storylistening, storytelling and storydoing. How can we help you to work with stories to avoid resistance to change, communicate in a connecting and effective way and become a strongly connected and inspiring leader?

Leadership & Storytelling? It's all about connection!

Do you want to inspire, engage and encourage employees to take action? Business Storytelling can help you to turn abstract visions, values and goals into a story that leads the way and inspires action, develop a speech that touches people’s hearts and will be remembered, or have conversations that connect you to people, so you can truly make progress together.

TheStoryConnection can help you as a leader to:
  • develop a warm and compelling vision or change story
  • become a connecting and inspiring speaker. By co-writing a speech and help you to deliver it in a comfortable way;
  • become a trusted listener, by helping you develop deep listening and narrative skills.

Change & Storytelling? Communication is key!

It is the dream of every change manager: more pace, less resistance.  It is possible! Speed up the process of change with storylistening and storytelling and make change happen together by tackling the two most common obstacles to successful change.

Communication is the key to successful organizational change. But how exactely do you give shape to that?  The storytelling changemodel we have developed for change communication is a valuable answer to this question. It provides a guiding communication strategy to achieve connection and action in every phase of the change process and to monitor the effects of any action that is taken.

TheStoryConnection can help you as a change strategist to:
  • turn a change vision into a personal and compelling change story;
  • give meaning to key words and develop a shared change language;
  • start and maintain a true dialogue;
  • listen differently so you become aware and sensitive to the undercurrant;
  • speak from the heart;
  • inspire people to take action;
  • avoid unnecessary resistance to change.

Communication & Storytelling? It's all about engagement!

Despite the overload of information and modern media, 70% of organizational communication is still all about sending, sending, sending. How do you stop sending and start communicating in a truly connecting way? Boost up internal, external and change communication in your organization. Use the storylistening and storytelling method to connect, engage and convince. Inside and outside the organization.

TheStoryConnection can help you as a communication professional to:
  • become an all round StoryPractitioner, so you can trigger and collect stories, tell stories and develop storylines and narratives in order to help your organization to be who it says it is; to strengthen its identity and to firmly connect it to its employees and customers;
  • become a storylistener, so you can trigger and collect stories in and around your organization. And use them as valuable content and/or as carriers of essential and indespensible insights and wisdom.
  • develop narratives and storylines, such as credible corporate stories and compelling and human change stories;
  • to support leaders in your organization to become a better listener, communicator and inspirer.
  • to become a writer with impact, using narrative techniques.
What makes TheStoryConnection unique, is the fact that we do not only facilitate organizations to change and to communicate in an inspiring way; we also offer one- or two-day training sessions and an extensive course to become a certified StoryPractitioner. This way, professionals are able to adequately use storytelling themselves.  That is exactelyt what we stand for: careful and thoughtful use of stories in communication, change and leadership.