In 2008 we firmly established Business Storytelling in The Netherlands through the standard work Storytelling Handboek. We have helped hundreds of organizations and professionals achieve their goals through the connecting power of stories ever since. Also choose the power of Business Storytelling and avoid resistance to change, achieve connecting and effective communication both internally and externally, and become a leader who inspires action. We want to help you!

Leadership & Storytelling

Do you want to inspire and move employees into action? Choose the power of connection! With Business Storytelling you can turn your vision into a story that gives direction and inspires action, a speech that moves people and stays with them, or conversations in which you make progress together.

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Change & Storytelling

It is the dream of every person who gives direction to change: more pace, less resistance.  It is possible! Speed up the process of change with Business Storytelling and make change happen together by tackling the two most common obstacles.

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Communication & Storytelling

Despite the overload of all modern media, 70% of communication in and around organizations is still all about sending, sending, sending. Use the storytelling method in order to make communication truly interactive. Let stories help you connect, engage and convince. Inside and outside the organization.

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What makes TheStoryConnection unique, is the fact that we do not only facilitate organizations to change and to communicate in an inspiring way, but we also offer one- or two-day training sessions and two extensive courses to become a certified StoryPractitioner. This way, professionals are able to adequately use storytelling themselves.  Because that is what we stand for: careful and expert implementation of stories and storytelling in communication, change and leadership.